The reason AAI have successfully served the industry for over 45 years is no secret, it is due largely to our simple core beliefs:-

‘Every advert should be placed in the best available media, at the lowest price possible. We Maintain clients through excellent service and delivery’

In order to seamlessly deliver the consistently cost effective results our clients deserve, we apply these principles to the following service areas:

Media Research and Advice.

Well established relationships with all of the advertising platforms, coupled with over 45 years of industry specific knowledge, allows us to comprehensively research and advise clients on the most suitable media channels for every advert or campaign requirement.

Regardless of how niche it may be, or how hard the target audience is to identify and reach, we will find the right option for your money. Our advice is completely unbiased and will reflect that we work solely on behalf of our clients, and not for the media.

Media Buying and Rate Negotiation.

Having identified the appropriate media channel or platform is only part of the process, securing the best possible rates and prices is equally as important to us for achieving cost effectiveness.

Fantastic negotiation skills, and the strength of the working relationships we have with the media, leaves us in the enviable position of being able to significantly reduce the strain on clients’ budgets, and achieve a substantially higher return on the investment

Advert Production and Supply.

Our cutting edge in-house studio can produce any type of advert, or advertising literature, a client requires, and we will also have it proof-read and delivery ready in the quickest of turnaround times. This efficiency allows us to effectively liaise with clients to ensure a clear, informative and attractive design accurately represents the organisation and targets the desired audience.

Whether you have a current corporate style, require an artwork face lift, or would prefer something completely new, our highly experienced design team will produce an extremely engaging creative every time.

Campaign Management.

Co-ordinating an advertising campaign is both time consuming and confusing to most, however, our dedicated account handlers can relieve you of this stress and supply you with a tailored advertising schedule to maximise the results of your campaign. Whether you are looking to utilise Radio, Print Press, Online, TV, Leaflets, Billboards, Bus Shelters and Panels, Ambient media, or any combination of these, we ensure you are promoting the right image in the right areas with the right message, and ultimately achieving the right results..

Branding/Corporate Identity.

An organisations’ corporate style, and branding, should be relevant, recognisable, and consistent throughout, it is important to build upon the established identity of your image, or develop a new one if needs be, in order to accurately reflect the standing in which you wish to be perceived by your audience.

AAI can assist with every aspect of this key undertaking, from designing and implementing a new logo to updating and modernising existing stationery and templates. And, in order to further maintain consistency throughout any creative additions to your branding, we can supply you with a series of template style guidelines so that you can sustain your corporate identity in the future.

Website Design.

A website is usually the principal point of contact and often creates that vital first impression. In order to engage with the relevant audience you have to be able to offer them the functionality and options they require, and satisfy their primary reason for visiting your page, whilst also making sure you are portraying the organisation in a positive way, providing necessary information, and encouraging interaction and return traffic by use of social media integration.

We appreciate every website or organisation has different requirements and goals, and a unique identity to protect and enhance, and will thoroughly explore your specific needs and preferences before constructing the platform your audience deserves and expects.


Having seemingly been around since the birth of the print press, the agency was established in 1968, we have naturally developed extensive connections within the print industry, and subsequently can secure fast, reliable, high quality print finishes at competitive prices, irrespective of the volume. The printers we appoint are supplied any creative directly by our studio to ensure everything is delivered on time, in the right format, and of the highest quality in creative design production. Whether you are looking for business cards, stationery, posters or promotional merchandise, we can arrange and co-ordinate the solution for you..


The right pictures and words can produce influential emotions within people, they can inspire and motivate, drive aspiration and feed curiosity, encourage action to be taken and decisions to be made, generate trust and understanding, and subconsciously implant ideas and values.

All of these are powerful tools. If you feel your current literature or imagery is not having this effect on your audience, and should be, we can suggest and provide replacements wherever it’s necessary by using trusted AAI resources and creativity.

> Our services are not limited to specific sectors, we assist organisations from Private and Public segments, ranging from Leisure & Tourism to Agricultural.

> We provide advertising services for; Recruitment, Promotional, Events, Awareness, Legal, Sales and many more throughout every media platform.

> Whether you want to utilise; Radio, TV, Print, Online, Billboards, Leaflets, Inserts, Bus or Tube panels… We can help with anything and everything advertising related.

More information can be found in our information pack below:

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