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Bing Advertising

Posted by Stuart Walters on February 17, 2019

 What does this mean for search? 

Well, Microsoft estimates that this step could lead to an increase in clicks of 10-15%! At the moment, the number of clicks on ads on these platforms are considerably lower than they are on Google. It seems that this is Microsoft’s first step in competing with Google and their domination over paid search advertising. It could meant that, in the future, more marketers will consider using Bing Ads more frequently. They will benefit from a deeper audience and the capabilities of Microsoft AI and it will make it easier for marketers to manage their campaigns.  

The new partnership between Microsoft and Verizon Media also means that media buyers have access to more native ad inventory in a range of places including Outlook and Xbox which attract almost 500 million people a month.  

The migration will begin at the start of March and it is expected to take a couple of weeks for the transition to be complete. So, by Spring, we could see quite a big shift in search ads.  

The deal comes from a partnership formed in 2015 when AOL resold Microsoft display ad inventory in a number of US and Europe markets, and is a step towards competing with Google. It is predicted that this will make a bit of an impact to Google revenue as Yahoo has been running Google shopping Ads since 2016. They make up only a small percentage of ads but even so.  

Still confused? 

Essentially, if you want your website or promotion to come up on the top of search engine results page you either need to put a lot of time and effort into organic results using Search Engine Optimisation, or you need to bid on a paid spot at the top of the page. There are advantages and it depends on your business, its goals, and your budget as to what you focus your efforts on and when (we can help you with this, actually!). But basically, Google Ads has a bit of a monopoly over paid search advertising. If a marketer was going to a pick a platform to use for their paid advertisement, it would probably be google. This obviously depends on their budget and target audience, but it is often the best option for number of clicks.  

So, Bing Ads are trying to increase their competition by combining forces. It is hard to predict whether this will have a great impact or not but it has good intentions to make a difference to digital marketers.