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Microsoft Teams Review

Posted by Stuart Walters on April 28, 2019

It’s 5 stars from us because it has the ability to connect to so many apps you almost don’t know what to do with it! You can connect it to any of your project management apps such as Trello, Wrike, or Planner. It works best with Planner, Microsoft’s version of Wrike or Trello, but you can connect to all of them. This has revolutionised we use these project management apps and has actually switched us from the Wrike/Trello debate to Planner all the way. Inside Teams you can use the app as if it’s open in your browser and then switched quickly to your notes, your team convo, or anything else for that matter. This means that everything is in one place rather than six different applications. 


So, what features does it actually have? 

Well, aside for the chat feature, which essentially just like Slack or Workplace by Facebook it can do many things. We originally used it for the chat feature, a free (because we already have an office 365 subscription) and easy way to communicate within the digital marketing team about projects and share documents and links instantly.  


Some (there are too many to list) of the other features include: 

  • Integrated calendar  
  • Multiple apps available including: Twitter, Google Analytics, and much more! 
  • Integrated web pages so you can access your client’s sites or landing pages easily 
  • Connect project management apps  
  • Connect all Microsoft such as OneNote, OneDrive (so all your files are connected) and all the rest 
  • Separate groups for different projects  
  • Receive and make calls  
  • Meetings 
  • Send praise (this is one of the cutest features, you can send notes of praise to your team members) 


What do we like the best? 

Stuart, our digital marketing manager, says ‘my favourite thing about Teams is the fact that you can do everything within it. You can do video calls, share your screen, use project management apps, link to calendar, connect so many apps, the chat is brought to life with GIFs and stuff. It really helps my team stay organised and motivated.’ 


Is there anything it can’t do? 

As far as our team is concerned, it is perfect for us. It helps us to organise everything and communicate effectively increasing our productivity levels. However, we do have some slightly negative thoughts and comments to make: 

  • It is quite difficult to set up. It took us a while to get everything set up and organised. The set up is not very intuitive but once you’re all sorted, it’s easy and simple to use.  
  • The design isn’t anything special. Something I like about Trello is that is looks pretty and you can personalise it quite a lot (which obviously helps my productivity) but Teams isn’t quite there yet.  


Is it better than Slack? 

One of the biggest questions that we had, and everybody else has, about Teams is that does it really rival slack? Slack is another messaging platform that also allows you to integrate various apps and features such as meetings and documents too. Having used both, I would say the following: 

  • If you are primarily using Google Docs, Slack is probably better integrated 
  • If you have a huge team, Slack is probably better designed to cope  
  • If you want to primarily use the chat feature, Slack is probably best 


  • If you primarily use OneDrive, Teams seamlessly integrates your documents for easy management  
  • If you’re looking to manage various projects, Teams is perfect!  

And… at the moment, my vote is probably for Teams!  


We use it everyday to manage our projects and every time there’s an update or a new feature it’s always helpful.