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Recruitment case study, Bluebird care

Posted by Stuart Walters on February 09, 2020

Online Recruitment Case Study Background: Bluebird Care is a care agency based in Oxfordshire which is populated with many other agencies. Also, the care industry is notoriously a very difficult marketplace to recruit in as many care workers are only in roles for a limited period and they often see the industry as an employment stopgap.  

Problems and objectives 

Due to these issues, their concerns were concentrated around recruitment. In particular, the amount of quality applicants was a big problem. Additionally, they felt they were spending too much of their budget on ineffective routes to the suitable candidates they were targeting. This, in turn, resulted in wasting hours and hours on admin time sifting through unsuitable CVs, further increasing the recruitment budget. 


Fundamentally, the main objective for Bluebird Care was to increase the number of applicants and the quality of candidates for open job roles whilst reducing the overall spend and improving the ROI.  Our task, therefore, was to drastically increase the number of qualified leads that Bluebird Care received in their application process through digital channels.   


Solutions and results 

Firstly, we looked at the whole process from a candidate’s perspective and soon realised that the journey was too complicated and required numerous clicks to get to the information details they required. As a rule of thumb, requiring more than 3 click-throughs leads to many potential applications disconnecting with the process. Bluebird’s process previously required 6 or above. 


In addition, no concerted effort was being made to engage with the passive candidate possibilities, people who had or have shown an interest in care through social media accounts, a blanket approach was being deployed through sites such as Indeed. 


We used a variety of channels in order to capture both those actively looking for care job roles and those that perhaps might not have previously considered the option. In order to do this, our campaign was split across Google Ads and Facebook Ads. 


Google Ads 

Google Ads is a great platform for targeting those people actively looking for jobs advertising. Bidding on keywords such as ‘care assistant jobs’ and ‘care vacancies’ in the desired location meant that we could be in front of people who were actively looking for these kinds of roles.  


The ads then sent the potential candidate through to a landing page with digestible information and a clear CTA. The clear and concise information on the landing page helped potential candidates to decide whether the role might be for them or not and encouraged them to fill in the application form.  

The overall success of the Google Ads campaigns has been exponential. By capturing the attention of people actively looking for these jobs we have managed to achieve a fantastic 9.75% conversion rate, which has totalled 376 applicants for Bluebird Care South Oxfordshire.  


Facebook Ads 

On Facebook we tried two methods. The first, was to direct people towards the landing page that was used for Google Ads with text, images, and videos, about working for Bluebird Care. Obviously, the conversion rate for these adverts was much lower than with Google Ads but it was still, however, a huge success. For a passive audience we still saw 45 applicants applying through these campaigns. Not only did we see some actual conversions but it was also great for brand awareness as we received almost 900 clicks. 


We also created a specific lead generation campaign on Facebook and this also saw a huge success. Through this campaign, Bluebird received 316 applications, which is almost as many as Google! The conversion rate was obviously still seemingly low, but it is to be expected and actually wasn’t that low in comparison to what display ads and other social media advertising can achieve. 


This lead generation campaign used Facebook’s integrated tools to make the application process extremely easy and smooth. The form was short and easy to complete, including the essential information that Bluebird needed to determine whether the candidate would be suitable or not.  




In order to manage these campaigns, we also built a tailored and effective Hubspot CRM system for their recruitment pipelines. This helped Bluebird to manage all recruitment and sales leads effectively, diminishing the need for spreadsheets and allowing them to spend more time on finding the right applicants, rather than manual daily tasks.  


Success of campaign 

Overall, the campaign has been a huge success for Bluebird Care South Oxfordshire. They have effectively streamlined their recruitment process and now use much more effective channels to capture the attention of potential candidates rather than wasting money on ineffective channels such as Indeed.  


Alexander Advertising solved a difficult recruitment problem for us using their digital expertise through social media and Google Ads. They also built me a tailored CRM system that helped me to manage sales and recruitment leads. I thoroughly recommend their digital marketing services. 

Robert Mezo, Bluebird Care, Oxfordshire