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The ultimate landing page checklist

Posted by Stuart Walters on May 26, 2019


  • Does the design match your branding? 
  • Have you removed all distractions from the page? Keep it simple! 
  • Have you used enough whitespace? 
  • Is your page optimised for mobile and tablet? (i.e. do you have a responsive design?) 


  • Does your headline answer the question ‘what is this page about?’ 
  • Does your landing page headline match the message on your ads? 
  • Is your headline focused, relevant, and details the benefits of your product or service? 


  • Is the message on your landing page focused on one single purpose? 
  • Is it clear who your company is and what your services are? 
  • Does your page message have the clarity of a 30-second elevator pitch? Read it to somebody to find out  
  • Does the writing focus on benefits rather than features? 
  • Have you avoided using negative language as much as possible?  
  • Is your tone consistent?  


  • Is it clear what somebody will receive by clicking on your CTA? 
  • Have you limited your page to one CTA? 
  • Is your CTA near the top of the page and in a prominent position? 
  • Are there any visual clues towards your CTA? 
  • Does your CTA stand out from the background? 


  • Does your form have only the necessary information? Some say that is should only include two items although you may need more 
  • Does your form avoid having a button that says things like ‘click here’? 
  • If your sign up is multi step (which should try to be avoided) is it clear what the process will be? 
  • Is your offer repeated in the form area so that it is clear what they are signing up for? 


  • Have you removed any external links (unless you want your consumer to go there) including your homepage and footer navigation? 
  • Do you provide a privacy and or terms and conditions statement/link? 
  • Do you give multiple contact options? 
  • Do you provide testimonials or reviews? 
  • Have you added the relevant code to sufficiently track your conversion rates? E.g. Facebook pixel  
  • Have you included certifications or logos of partners/affiliates/security registrations?  
  • Are you doing A/B testing on your pages for important elements in order to optimise your conversions? 
  • Have you created a separate landing page for each campaign?