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Email marketing is still one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. It works because emails aren’t trying to fight for a consumer’s attention. When you send an email, it is delivered to people who want to read about your business—they signed up for the emails!We can design, build, send and report email campaigns that will wow everyone who receives them. For those that read your emails, the context is set. They are intentionally opening a marketing message that they know is from you. Therefore they know you have something to offer them and they are open to seeing what that is. Email delivers better ROI because it is wanted, expected, and welcome. It is part of a natural conversation the consumer started when they signed up. We can run email marketing campaigns as part of a larger campaign or stand online. If you are interested get in touch with our digital team.

email marketing

We have a range of happy clients. This is what Nower Hill High School said about our services:

"The staff are always patient and polite, no matter how many times we amend the advertisements. They are a pleasure to deal with."
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