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Our content marketing teams create high-quality, creative, and engaging content for all purposes.

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Content marketing is all about engaging and inspiring your customers. It is the process of creating good quality, interesting content for your customers to stimulate their interest in your industry and indirectly then your business rather than directly promoting your products or services. Content marketing is useful for a variety of reasons:

  • It can be a lot cheaper than traditional marketing strategies (62% cheaper actually)
  • 72% of marketers state that content marketing has increased their leads and sales!
  • It can boost the authority of your web pages which in turn helps with your SEO


content marketing

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is all about creating good quality, interesting content for your customers. Some of the largest organisations in the world are using content marketing, such as Microsoft and Cisco Systems. Plus, there are some incredible case studies of small businesses using content marketing to grow their businesses exponentially. We wrote about the Marcus Sheridon story in one of our previous blog posts. So, if everyone’s doing it. What is it and how does it benefit your business?

content marketing

Creating engaging content for your customers stimulates their interest in your industry and as an indirect consequence, your business. The content can be anything that suits. It might be creating short, informative videos, or perhaps you might want to send out a newsletter with the latest industry news once a month. Whatever you think you can feasibly create and make interesting/informative (this is important!) can be used for your content marketing strategy.

Content marketing includes blog posts, social media content, newsletters, videos and more.



What we do…

Content strategy

We can create a successful strategy for your content: where to post, when to post, and what to post. We know the potential of different channels and the advantages of different places and can advise you on what to post and why. We can create a content strategy for you as part of an overall digital marketing strategy or as a stand-alone document for you.

Content ideation & schedules

As well as creating strategies we can create detailed and informed schedules for your content, detailing how often and when you should create and post content. We can make it easy for you to keep on top of you content schedules to keep your consumers engaged consistently. 

Content promotion

Once your content is created, it needs to be promoted (and not just once!). Our team can promote any content written, either by ourselves or by yours truly, to make sure that the right people are seeing the content. This might include social media advertising or PR work. Content promotion is key in any content marketing strategy. 

Persona & journey creation

Understanding your persona and your audience is crucial to successful content. We can help you to get a better understanding of your customer and create personas and customer journeys in order to create the best possible content for your business.

Content creation

Our team of expert copywriters and in-house design studio can create high quality content for your business. All copy we write is creative, of extremely high-quality, and search engine optimised. Whether you want regular blog posts, a one-off report, some social media content, we can write it for you to the highest quality. We can also create videos. Find out more on our photography and videography page.


Our content team are experts in creating micro-content, which includes things like social media posts. You don’t always need to be writing long blog posts and industry reports for your content marketing. We can do both, or either. Our social media team are highly experienced in all social media platforms. Read more about our social media services here.

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