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Copywriting and Proofreading

Are you struggling to produce something new, eye-catching, but unique to your company brand or establishment? With 50 years of expertise, leave it to us and our copywriters. Our copywriting services provide our clients with high-quality copy for all marketing materials.

The power of the written word

The precise objective of a copywriter is to persuade the reader or listener to act upon what they are seeing or hearing, encouraging them to search, buy a product or use a service. Whether you intend for your customers to fall in love with your services, to spread a message to the masses, or to pick up the phone and make contact, it is great words that achieve great results.

Our team at Alexander Advertising can create informative, inspirational copy that talks and sells directly to your audience and the marketplace. Our ability to express a message clearly and persuasively, with accuracy and attention to detail, means that whether you require a jingle for the radio or a creative copy, we can write it for you!

“Advertising must respect the intelligence of its audience and if it does not prompt them to think, it will be instantly dismissed.”Maurice Saatchi


Your copywriting options

The work of a copywriter – copy – is everywhere. Including promotional emails, websites, brochures, billboards etc. Here at Alexander Advertising we provide an extensive copywriting service which includes a number of mediums such as:

Blog posts

We write exciting, interesting blog posts on any topic you need. Our copywriters have years of experience writing high quality, informative blog posts in a variety of industries.

White papers

White papers are informative, educational documents that explain and problem and offer a solution (usually linked to the product or service sold by a client). Our in-house copywriters have experience in writing white papers and can successfully articulate what you want your customers to know.

Email campaigns

Email copy is vital to an email campaign, it needs to be capture the attention of your customers. Our copywriters know how to generate interest and prompt an action from your email campaigns.

Case studies

Case studies are great for showing potential customers what can be done for them. Our copywriters know how to showcase your successes to your potential customers.

Industry reports

Industry reports are important for expanding and informing customers on real industry research. This can be extremely valuable to your customer relationships and if done right, can generate more leads and sales.

Website copy

Website copy is extremely important for any business. Too long? You’ll loose your customers interest. Too short? Your customers won’t know what you offer. Our in-house copywriters know how to get this balance right.

Print advertising

Writing copy for print media needs to be adapted to each channel. Our copywriters can adapt your content for all channels and ensure that the right message is portrayed.

Outdoor advertising

Writing captivating copy for your billboards, bus and rail advertising, and banners can be the difference between a successful campaign and a waste of money.

Radio advertising

Radio advertising can be overwhelming. How do you even start by writing an advertisement? Leave it to our radio advertising copywriter experts. 


As part of our copywriting service, and as a stand alone service, we also provide proofreading. A proofreader essentially checks for any errors and makes sure that the copy is of the highest quality. Proofreading, then, involves a quality check, grammar corrections, overall presentation and other details that all contribute to the quality of the overall copy and promotional material.

Proofreading is an important part of the copywriting process as it ensures that the copy is produced at the highest quality possible, and we at Alexander Advertising, believe that quality is essential to a successful marketing campaign. Content is everything.


Working with us

We write high-quality, creative copy to fit your needs and requirements. Producing copy for our clients is a service we are very proud to be able to offer here at Alexander Advertising. From creative copy, descriptive text, written content for branding or social media, recruitment advertisements or even a full overhaul of your website, our specialist team of copywriters are on hand to complete a given task, offering their expertise and advice throughout the process.

The process is very simple:

  • Our team will contact you at a convenient time to discuss your requirements and budget
  • We will familiarise ourselves with your company/brand or establishment to ensure we have a full understanding of the intending outcome of your copy – we believe that this is a very important step in producing effective copy
  • Then our copywriters will create a concept and produce the creative, high-quality copy for your approval
  • It is extremely important to us that we get the copy right, so if you require any amendments along the way, we are more than happy to amend, recreate and advise

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