Media Planning and Buying


Media planning and buying

Undecided where to place your next advertisement or campaign to receive maximum results? Leave it to us and our experts in media planning and buying!

Here at Alexander Advertising our specialist media planning and buying team are on hand to advise on the best media channels, both print and digital, to achieve maximum exposure without exceeding your budget.

MEDIA PLANNING is the process, which involves researching, identifying, analysing, and planning, of finding and choosing the best media outlets for a particular advertising or marketing campaign. It involves working around a brand’s budget to achieve the maximum exposure without breaking the bank and sticking to your budget.

MEDIA BUYING is the secondary process where Alexander Advertising takes the research conducted on the media during the planning stage and finds and negotiates buying the ad space required for the campaign across the desired media channels.

So, MEDIA PLANNING AND BUYING is a combination of these two processes, usually evaluating the process at the end in order to measure the success of the campaign improve the ROIs for future campaigns.

When it comes to media planning and buying at Alexander Advertising we are passionate about finding the best places and the best prices for your advertising campaign. We really do believe in cutting the costs of advertising for your business and strive to research and negotiate as much as possible in order to ensure the best results we can.

Our team are experts in the process of media planning and buying. We know the ins and outs of strategising, identifying, negotiating and purchasing placements on all possible platforms ensuring targeted audiences are reached and results are achieved. The process involves a variety of both traditional and digital media including:

Media planning and buying

Newspapers and magazines


Billboards and panels


Social media

Public transport

Media relationships

With over 50 years of extensive industry-specific knowledge, along with fantastic negotiation skills, and exceptional working relationships with all media platforms, we are in the enviable position of being able to significantly reduce the strain on clients’ budgets and subsequently achieve a considerably higher return on investment.

The aim of the media buyer is to reach the highest number of people in the target audience at the most economical price. When planning any kind of media buying the biggest influencing factors to consider are:

  • The product or company
  • The target audience
  • The ultimate purpose of the advert

Our experienced team at Alexander Advertising are able to achieve the best ROI for your campaign by extensively considering these elements in the media planning and buying process. Your campaign is in good hands with us.

Our media planning and buying process

The process of working with us for your media planning and buying is simple. First of all, we will ask you for some information about your target audience, brand, and other aspects of your advert so that we can begin our research. We will then use our expertise and research resources in order to identify the appropriate media channel or platform for your chosen advertisement or campaign. During this process we will also secure the best possible rates to ensure efficiency and effectiveness for your campaign.

Our reputation for media planning and buying and bulk buying power enable us to demand extremely competitive rates and discounted packages, and we are only too happy to pass these monetary savings on to our clients, ensuring our clients budgets are kept low, through achieving exceptional results. Our team specialise in keeping up to date with industry trends, researching distribution, and audience figures and ensuring the best avenues are taken for your media requirements.

Our media planning and buying service includes multiple elements including:

  • Identifying the target audience – this is a crucial step in any advertising campaign
  • Negotiating with media sales – this is essential to keeping costs low
  • Booking media space – this is helped by our great relationships with the media
  • Ensuring adverts are set and run accordingly – monitoring the adverts and ensuring their success is important to us at AAI
  • Report and budget management – another essential part of cutting the cost
  • Analyse and track the effectiveness of a campaign – it is important to understand where campaigns succeeded and where there could be room for improvement in order to improve future campaigns
media planning and buying team

Why Alexander Advertising?

First of all, we can cut your costs. Alexander Advertising consistently purchases over £2M of advertising space every year, and due to our negotiations and efficiency, we can save our clients around £150,000 p/a. This is an incredible amount of savings and is one of the many reasons to choose our agency.

Money isn’t the only thing we save for our clients. We also save our clients immeasurable time and effort and probably a few stress-related counselling sessions too… Although, of course, we can’t confirm that last claim! We do all the media planning and buying so that you don’t have to, you can just sit back and enjoy the great results of your campaign.

On top of all of this, we are experienced in various types of media so that we can make informed decisions in the media planning and buying process. Identifying the requirements for a successful advertising campaign can be confusing and stressful but at Alexander Advertising we’re here to help.

Last year, the agency celebrated 50 years in the industry. Having started in London, we are now based in the market town of Wallingford, Oxfordshire.

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