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Are you looking for full impact results from your next campaign? Here at Alexander Advertising we have a variety of outdoor advertising options to ensure your campaign reaches your targeted audience.

Benefits of outdoor advertising

Whether you have used outdoor advertising on multiple campaigns or are completely new to the idea, it can benefit you and your advertising in various ways and it is an extremely effective choice. The main benefits of outdoor advertising include:

  • Reaching consumers that other media does not
  • Placing your advert directly in front of your targeted audience
  • Putting adverts in the most relevant places
  • Making it difficult to ignore!

And there are many, many more, read our ‘outdoor advertising benefits’ blog post.

outdoor advertising

Your outdoor advertising options.

Here at Alexander Advertising; our clients request outdoor advertising to run either independently or alongside their more traditional methods of exposure to target the potential audience required to fulfill their campaign, whichever fits you, we can help and advise on the best outdoor options.

Digital Adshell

Adshel advertising can be seen everywhere, from outside your local supermarkets, in train stations, around shopping centres at your local bus stop.

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Adshel advertising is very popular with our clients and is a very affordable form of outdoor advertising. Should you need digital adshel advertising we can help you find the best possible location, form, and design all at the best possible price here at Alexander Advertising.


Billboards are known as a high impact, unmissable, and effective form of outdoor advertising. They can be both digital and static.

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Billboard advertising allows businesses of all sizes to reach huge audiences everyday. Our clients find billboard advertising extremely effective to promote new establishement openings, new products, services and open days, along with much more.

Taxi Advertising

Taxi advertising is known to offer a high impact canvas for any marketing purposes. The potential audience accesible by taxis is unrivaled.

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Taxi ranks hold locations in some of the most advantageous areas, whether it is the rail station, the busiest shopping area or around bars and clubs. Even a stationary taxi can reach the desired audience. Our advertising experience means that we can advise when and where to put your advertisement and put your campaign in front of the audience it deserves.

Static Adshell

Adshel advertising can be both static and digital. Both digital and static advertisements work well for different campaigns.

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Static adshel can be an extremely effective form of outdoor advertising, tracking and targeting potential candidates on the move. We can advise you on the best places to advertise and help you with your campaigns from start to finish.

Rail and Tram Advertising

Rail and tram advertising is a popular method of outdoor advertising and works well for both B2C and B2B campaigns.

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Rail and tram advertising allows you to reach daily commuters. It works well because brands and products are shown multiple times to potential customers to and from work everyday. It can be both digital and static, whatever suits your advertising needs best. At Alexander Advertising, we work to ensure your campaign is exposed to as many people as possible and will advise you if we think this form of outdoor advertising will benefit you.

Bus Advertising

Bus advertising is a succesful way of reaching individuals and bus advertising broadcasts to a far bigger audience as it is not just seen by passengers but also by the public.

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Bus advertising is very popular for open days and product promotions, and can be beneficial to a huge variety of campaigns. At Alexander Advertising we know where to put your advert and why. If we think bus advertising can benefit your campaign, we will be sure to get the best possible price for your campaign. The power of advertising predominantly lies in visibility and being repeatedly exposed to the same advert and message continuously.

Why Alexander Advertising?

Excellent relationships

Here at Alexander Advertising, we have exceptional, long-standing, relationships with many outdoor media including:

(Just to name a few!) and can option bookings prior to approval, along with securing bookings for future campaigns.

Saving time and money

When you book you outdoor advertising through Alexander Advertising, we will save you not only time, but money! We do this by purchasing outdoor media space in bulk which means we are then able to share the discount with you and keep your advertising campaign costs down. Also, our team handle everything from start to finish so you don’t need to worry about a thing. We believe in getting more for your money!

Making it easy

We also believe in making it easy for you to launch your advertising campaign. So, to get your campaign set all we need from you is:

  • Creative brief
  • Budget
  • Location
  • Time frame

Once approved, our team will book and send confirmation upon completion. It is that simple!

There are different variations of outdoor advertising which can benefit each individual campaign. Our team are on hand to advise and tailor each method to attract the best outcome for your requirements and budget. Read on to find out about your different outdoor advertising options and contact us if you would like some more information.

How we work with you

Our outdoor advertising team are on hand to discuss your requirements. We tailor each individual campaign down to proofing the creative, finding the best location to target the right audience, and keeping within your required budget.

Campaigns are booked for a specific length of time, prior to interview closing dates or event dates, ensuring the exposure is at its full potential and outcomes are met. Outdoor advertising can be booked independently or part of a larger campaign, depending on your requirements.

We pride ourselves in creating the perfect outdoor campaign, guaranteeing high impact and effective results. So, if you’d like to know more about outdoor advertising, get in touch with us today.

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