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Photography and Videography

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Why our photography and videography services?

No two creative briefs are the same, and if you intend to stand out in the fast-moving world of photography and videography, you need a team of skilled professionals at hand to assist. You won’t be disappointed if you decide to use Alexander Advertising’s photography and videography services for creating interesting and engaging content that can help achieve your marketing and business goals.


Video is decisively one of the best ways to attract attention and get a message across. It’s immersive, has instant connection visually, and connects to people emotionally. Videography is also great for showcasing your brand and giving your customers more information. Over the last few years, the use of videos in both digital and traditional marketing has increased rapidly. On social media, views of branded video content have increased by 99% on YouTube, 258% on Facebook, and a video Tweet is 6x more likely to be retweeted than other Tweets. This is largely due to the increase in smart phones and other affordable video equipment which makes it easier for brands to create content themselves. However, now that there is so much video content around, it is important that your content is creative, innovative, and of the highest quality. Here at Alexander Advertising, Oxfordshire, we can offer high quality videography services for your business at competitive prices.

Our Services

We offer a range of different videography services at Alexander Advertising to fit any of your needs, goals, and campaigns.

Corporate videos

We are experts in creating engaging videos to help you achieve your marketing goals. Corporate videos will be tailored to suit your brand and reflect your core business values. They can be created to appear permanently on your website or as part of a campaign but we will always strive to keep your branding and marketing consistent. We always listen carefully to the brief and produce high-quality results to reflect your needs.

Promotional videos

Promotional videos are an exceptional way to market your brand, product or service, ensuring targeted audiences are engaged. A promotional video is anything that showcases your product or service in a creative and interesting way. This could include campus tour videos, open day videos, and other videos to promote your company or educational institute. 

Training videos

Training videos are informative and inspiring videos that train individuals, students and colleagues alike. Showcasing content like this will help to inform and inspire people building their trust in you and your brand. They can form a great part of your content marketing strategy and overall digital strategy. We usually recommend training videos if your business offers services that people will search for online help so that your brand is visible to these people in an interactive and engaging format. 

Social Media videos

 Video content on social media has increased exponentially over the last few years. This means that, in order to increase your engagement on social media and broaden your online presence, you might want to think about creating some video content. Our video services could be part of a one off campaign or as part of our comprehensive social media management services. We also offer live video services for any of your social media channels. Find out more here.


We also offer a range of photography services at Alexander Advertising, Oxfordshire. Photography is highly regarded as one of the single most important elements of every advertising campaign as it is the image that the viewer is first attracted to and the last thing they recall. In the current day there are hundreds of free stock images available for companies to use. However, commissioning your own photography to fit your brand exact allows you to tell a story not only through your words but also through your images.

Using our high-quality photography services will increase the quality of your advertising campaigns and brand awareness and tell your story the way you want it to be told.

Our Services

Some of our most popular photography services include the following. However, we can capture creative and engaging images for any marketing or business goal.

Staff profiles & CPD days

We offer photography services that show case the personality of your business including staff profiles and CPD days. Staff photography can be a great feature on your website and social media platforms to engage your clients and customers and make your business feel more personal. 

Corporate branding

Our corporate branding services include images for one-off advertisements and permanent branding on any platforms you desire. This includes print and digital. Our photographers know how to tell your story in an engaging and effective way to your consumers.


Any advert you need can be accompanied by our photography services including outdoor advertising, social media advertising, and print advertising. Once you have submitted your brief we will ensure to produce high quality images to increase the overall impact of the campaign.


Outdoor advertising is beneficial in so many ways. The images used must be of the highest quality due to their large size. The photography is crucial to making a big impact on the success of your outdoor advertising campaigns. 


Due to our high number of educational clients, we are highly experienced in creating high-quality images for schools and other educational institutes. These include images for school plays, prospectuses, open days, and anything else that you require to capture the life and atmosphere of your school. 

Aerial Drone Images

We are proud to also proud to offer aerial drone images at Alexander Advertising. Drones can offer amazing views and shots that previously have not been available through visual production. They are very popular additions to campaigns and website content. 

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