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Public Notice Advertising

With 50 years of experience publishing your public notices, you can be sure that your public and legal notices are in the right publications and reach the necessary people at the correct time.

What is public notice advertising?

Public notices, which are sometimes called legal notices, are issued by a government agency or legislative body to provide information to the public. They are certain rules and legislation when issuing public notices. Our team at Alexander Advertising are experienced in the issuing of Public and Statutory notices and have experience with a range of public bodies in issuing notices for varying purposes such as traffic updates and planning permissions.

Why Alexander Advertising?

Saving you time and money

Whether you wish to place a single notice, or merge several notices, our public notice department are skilled in finding the best cost effective solutions for each advertisement. For all your public notice advertising we can give you the best advice on:

  • Size
  • Position
  • Location

We also ensure you get the best price. Due to the volume of public notice advertising we conduct here at Alexander Advertising, we are able to pass on savings to our clients. This means that we cut the cost of advertising, saving you valuable money and time whilst ensuring maximum exposure for you to reach your target audience. By using Alexander Advertising you are ensuring the best possible exposure at the lowest cost and effort.

Sharing good relationships

We hold strong relationships with local and national press, allowing bookings to be processed quickly and efficiently, meeting deadlines and securing extensions for those last minute bookings. Our relationships with local and national newspapers are important to us and we continue to nurture and build on these relationships whilst consistently establishing new and positive connections with all press outlets.

Creating quality templates

Our in-house studio team understand the standard designs and templates of public notices. They tailor the designs and templates to your unique branding and make sure to set notices to the best possible size, to allow for full advert structure. Our team also make sure each insertion identifies the specific notice or event exactly.

How we work with you

All we require in order to set your public notice is:

  • a word document or a brief outlining the text and
  • an initial logo/image which you would like included

Then, our in-house studio will then happily create a template for your approval prior to booking. Bookings can also be made through our CRM system which can be accessed through our website.

Our team are specially trained in setting up new accounts. We provide unique login details for quick and easy access to upload and monitor the process of your booking. Upon approval of artwork and quotation, our team will then book your public notice advertisement and send confirmation on completion.

Let’s Get Started

Ready to place a public notice?

Here at Alexander Advertising we have a dedicated team who are specialised in public notice advertising. With over 50 years’ experience within this field, our team constantly strive in achieving best value for money, whilst adhering to Statutory Notice Regulations for local authorities and government agency clients, providing them with outstanding customer service and loyalty.

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